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Born: 03-02-1956
From: Greece, Athens, Patisia


Giannis Zouganelis is a Greek composer, musician, and actor that was born in Athens.
At a pre-school age he started learning Byzantine music with a teacher at the church of St. Nicolas in Athens. During his early school years, he studied guitar and theory of music at the Greek Odium, Athens.
Giannis continued his studies at the National Odium of Greece, where he was first taught the piano, harmony and counterpoint. A determinant at his musical studies was the composer Nick Mamagakis, who taught his orchestration and rhythmics.
In 1975, Giannis won the first composition award for his 'Ten Byzantine Essays' in a competition organized by the Greek Department of Culture, a work of music for small symphony orchestra and mixed chorus.
The Academy of Athens rewarded him with a scholarship, and so Giannis went on to study composition and drama at the Academy of Arts of Munich, from which he graduated with honours. Since 1987, Giannis is emiritus professor at the University of Munich.


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"Sleep Out" την Παρασκευή 30/3 στην πλατεία Κλαυθμώνος

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29 March 12, 21:58
Η ΚΛΙΜΑΚΑ συνεχίζοντας την μακρόχρονη προσπάθεια αντιμετώπισης του προβλήματος των αστέγων, διοργανώνει, την Παρασκευή 30 Μαρτίου 2012, για 7η συνεχή χρονιά, από τις 06:00 μ.μ έως 08:00 π.μ (Σαββάτου 31 Μαρτίου) στην Πλατεία Κλαυθμώνος, βραδιά «Sleep Out» καλώντας τους πολίτες να βιώσουν...

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Kakia sinithia (Valentino Remix)


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Fivos Papakostas
22 December 11
22 December 11, 19:31
θα ηθελα να επικοινωνησω με τον κυριο ζουγανελη για προσωπικους λογους..