Etsi De

Etsi De

Founded in: 1991
Web site:
From: Greece, Athens


ETSI DE is a Greek comedy band. They consider music as the best way to express themselves and they are keen to altering well-known songs into humorous style. They entered greek discography in 2001 with the help of their friends IMISKOUMBRIA and their first cd single "STROFI STO LAIKO" went gold. Their discography includes 2 Albums ("EYKOLO!" and "YA MAS"). They also have featured in many friends' albums. Comedy is the basic element of their music and the crowd's participation is the basic element in their live shows. If you ask them which is the secret of their succes, their answer would be that above all during the rehearsals and backstage they have the best of times, and this mood is transfered to the crowd. They also hate hypocrites and liars and their biggest weakness is their sensitivity and their sincerety.