Gonidis Stamatis

Gonidis Stamatis

Born: 16-09-1957
Web site: sgonidis.com
From: Greece, Kithnos


Stamatis Gonidis grew up in a greek aegean island, named KYTHNOS.

In young age, Stamatis Gonidis decides to leave the island and become a sailor. In his travels around the world, in his free time he wrote songs, and he sung them to his colleagues.

Everyone liked his songs and his colleagues were those to support him and persuaded him to become a singer.

By then Stamatis Gonidis starts to sing professionally, and his first personal album does not take a long time to come.

After that a career full of gold and platinum albums comes and makes Stamatis Gonidis one of the most popular singers in Greece. Stamatis Gonidis in his songs has sung the love, the pain, the hapinness.

In December 2000, Stamatis Gonidis made his own wine,named “Saint”, which is given only to his friends.

In 2001, Stamatis Gonidis, decided to publiced a book, entitled “The flying Rabbit”, which is a fairy tail for grown up kids.

When, he does not sing in the Athens or Thessaloniki, you can find him in his island, with all his good friends and his two wonderfull daughters.

The word that bests describes Stmatis Gonidis is “ORIGINAL”.