Karvelas Nikos

Karvelas Nikos

Born: 08-09-1951
From: Greece, Athens, Faliro


Nikos Karvelas's first contact with music was at the age of 5 when his parents bought him his first piano. Nikos played popular tunes and even created his own music before he started taking music lessons. Fifteen years later, he formed a rock group which was influenced by the Beatles and the Stones. However, he didn?t become known for his compositions until the end of the 70s.

In 1983, Nikos married the very famous singer and performer Anna Vissi. That very same year he began his career as a singer. Ever since then, he has been composing all of Anna Vissi's albums.

In 1985, his first personal album was released, titled "San Diskos Palios" (Like An Old Record), which became gold.

"Ola I Tipota" (All Or Nothing) was released in 1987 and became platinum.

1991 was a very important year for Nikos because he composed his first rock opera called "Daimones" (Demons) in which Anna Vissi was the leading actress. It was a great success.

His 4th album "Emeis" (We) was released in 1992 and became gold.

Two years later "25 Ores" (25 Hours) is created and eventually becomes gold. Meanwhile, all the singers that Nikos was writing songs for at the time , were enjoying great success.

In 1996 "To Aroma Tis Amartias" (The Aroma Of Sin) is released and becomes platinum in just a few months time.

In 1997 Nikos Karvelas produces the album "O Pio Eftihismenos Anthropos Pano Sti Gi" (The Happiest Man On Earth), which becomes gold also.

1998: "Ena Hrono To Perissotero" (One Year The Most) is released. It is an album he wrote while he was in London. Anna Vissi participates in one song.

2000: After two years of absence, Nikos Karvelas releases his new album "Ola Einai entaxei" (Everything is fine), which he recorded in London. All of the tracks were written by Nikos himself.