Korgialas Dimitris

Korgialas Dimitris

Born: 03-08-1971
From: Greece, Navpaktos


Dimitri was born on August 3, 1971 in Naupacte. He grew in Athens. The music takes an important place in his life.

At 15 Years old, he forms his first group, Media Vox, a group "New Wave".

He really began his career at the time of his meeting with Nikos Ziogala.

In 1997, after having given a demo to "Universal" on the councils of his friend, he will sign his first contract.

In 1998 the first album having for title circulates "pros ta ekso". He wrote and composes 9 songs out of 10, while exists also an arrangement of the piece "Ipokrinesai" by Nikos Ziogala.

In December 2000 the second album having for title circulates "Peta psixi mou", the majority of the musics are of Dimitri Korgjalas while it makes arrangement with the piece "ksexnas" of Manolis Famello.

With Evridiki, Dimitri gives lives in Greece.

The song "mia fora"gains two rewards (better song rock'n'roll of the year and better duet of the year) in first Video Music Awards of MAD TV!

In 2005 for first time it composes the music the music for the album of Eyrydiki having for title "to idio vagoni", while it also collaborates in the album of Saki Rouva by writing a song for Sakis' album "s'exo erotefthei", "Mes stis vitrines", while in parallel he Register his next album having for title "I mera fevgei".