Pirovolakis Manos

Pirovolakis Manos

Born: 1963
From: Greece, Athens


Manos Pirovolakis was born and grew in Athens thought his parents are from Crete. At the age of 13 he acquired his first contact with the Cretan lyre by apprenticing next to the professor Georgios Vizirianakis. At the age of 18, while he is studying in the Polytechnic University, he makes his first appearances by participating in the traditional music shows of the National Television. From 1992 he starts participating in various traditional line ups and appearing in Festivals of traditional Cretan music. In 1994 he takes part in the International Festival of Folklore Music in Japan by representing the Cretan tradition. In 1995 and 1996 he realizes a series of live concerts in Toronto. In the winter of 1997 he appears with Dimitris Skoulas while in the summer he cooperates with Vaggelis Papathanasiou for the Cretan musical part of the opening ceremony of the 6th World Arena Championship. Meanwhile he obtains a degree of classical music from the National Conservatory and a degree of jazz harmony from the Filippos Nakas Conservatory. In 1998 he releases together with the group “Kinoumena Shedia” the first homonym album, which is a mixture of pop, rock and traditional sound by combining the electric guitar with the Cretan Lyre. Most of the songs from this album became great hits. During the summer he tours with the group through out Greece. In 2000 he releases his second album “To Hamogelo sou” and the homonym song becomes a great hit and it is still played in the radio stations. He participates in various live concerts and albums, like in the one of Nikos Portokaloglou from the movie “Brazileiro” in which he plays viololyra (a combination of a violin and a lyre) in a song that Eleftheria Arvanitaki sings. In 2001 he realizes a tour in Greece with Nikos Ziogalas and Anastasia Moutsatsou. In 2003 – 2004 he sings with Nikos Portokaloglou in wintertime and in the summer tour. He also participates in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games by accompanying Eleftheria Arvanitaki with his viololyra. Later on the same year he releases his third album “Ola gia Ola”. In 2005 he releases for the Christmas a CD single under the title “H allagi tou Hronou” (The years changing). In the same month he releases the repackaged edition of “Ola gia Ola” which contains three new songs. He records his forth album on October 2007 under the title “Ston Erota den Yparhei Nikitis” with twelve new songs and two duets with Melina Aslanidou.