Pitloglou Nikos

Pitloglou Nikos

Born: 1967
Web site: www.pitloglou.gr
From: Greece, Koridallos


Nikos Pitloglou was born in 1967 in Koridallo, a western suburb of Athens.

He studied the piano, the saxophone, harmony, jazz harmony and guitar. His knowledge of modern sound technology leads him to make orchestrations in discographic productions. He has collaborated with Marisa Koch, Vasilis Lekkas, Giannis Nikolaos, Stelios Vamvakaris, Sabina Giannatou and Maria Fotiou.

His song "I sent a message" with lyrics by M. Papadimitriou, interpreted by Kosmas Kokolis won the 2nd prize in the first Panhellenic song contest "Tsitsania 98". The song "The last cigarette" with lyrics by G.Vasilakopoulos, interpretated by Anna Karageorgiadou won the prize for the best "laiko" song of the contest “Tsitsania 2000".

In 2001 he adapted and arranged Greek traditional songs for the CD "ANTIDORO (Holy bread)" (MBI) interpreted by the painter Haris Tsekoura. Later he wrote the music for the play "To Kalesma tis Anixis (The Call of the Spring)" adapted from the book of Hari Tsekoura. The CD "Ouranio Toxo (Rainbow)" (Alpha records) was released in June 2004 with lyrics by Giannis Giavaras and interpreted by Vasilis Lekkas. In 2005 he wrote the music for the theatrical play of Nikos Kazantzakis "The Master Builder" directed by Georgos Papatheodorou.