Yiannis Ploutarhos (or Yiannis Kakossaios as this is his real name) was born in 18th December 1970 in a small village outside Orxomenos called Mavrogia. He lived there until the age of sixteen, he then decided to go to Athens to make his dream come true: to become a singer.

He sang professionally for the first time in a small music hall in Koridalos area. Disappointed by the conditions prevailing in the music business, he abandoned it twice and occupied himself with other professions and in particular hairdressing so as to make a living.

But something urged him to come back to singing. Two years after his first appearance, he sang in "Rodolfo". Big music halls followed such as "Neraida", "Fantasia", and "Tunnel" where he worked with well-known artists such as Giannis Poulopoulos, Rita Sakelariou, Themis Adamantidis and contemporary singers such as Stelios Rokos and Giorgos Mazonakis.

Wherever he worked, he made fans but most of all friends. That was when he met Dimitris Kardagis and Ilias Filipou who had both faith in him and his talent and brought him into contact with his first producer Giorgos Makrakis. He was the one who gave him his pseudonym "Ploutarhos".

That's how Yiannis Ploutarhos got into discography and released his first CD single in 1998, including 3 songs from his forthcoming album. His first album with the title "Mono Esi", and 15 tracks, was released a month and a half later. The songs "Mipos Ertheis" and "Enas Theos" are the most heard ones from the fifteen songs included in this album.

After his first album, he made a duet with Kostantina in the song "I kardia mou einai zalismeni" and one with Stelios Dionisiou in the song "Orestiada". Both songs are featured in the albums of the above artists.

His next album with the title "Ipirxan Orkoi" and also fifteen songs came out in 2000. It was the one, which made him, stand out and launched his career. In this album Aggelos Sfakianakis was the producer, since Giorgos Makrakis had left from MINOS � EMI.

The album "Mikres Fotografies" followed in 2001 with sixteen songs, and sold over 150.000 copies, and in 2002 "Den Einai O Erotas...Paidi Tis Logikis" with seventeen songs. With these two albums he proved, even to the most suspicious, that he is not another shooting star and he won the acceptance of both the audience and the critics.

Moreover, at the "Arion" Music Awards 2002 he won important distinctions for the album "Mikres Fotografies" in the following categories: Best Popular album, Best album of the Year, Best Video Clip, Best Popular Singer and Singer of the Year.

The success of the album "Den Einai O Erotas...Paidi Tis Logikis" was so big that in 2003 it was re-realised with a bonus track titled "Poio monopati" and a bonus DVD with 9 video clips. In 2003 another album with the title "Paei Ligos Kairos" was released this time with 19 songs. Both these albums became triple platinum. Following its success, "Paei Ligos Kairos", was re-released in 2004, with a bonus track and an amazing performance in the classic "An thimitheis t' oneiro mou" of Mikis Theodorakis.

At the same time he managed to make a new record. To be the first artist, in the Athenian nightlife, performing live for a whole year at �POSIDONIO�, with no interruption. Every night his fans were just expressing their love towards him.

In 2005 Yiannis Ploutarhos was away from the Athenian nightlife. He accomplished his first tour abroad in the following order: Toronto, New Jersey, Boston, New York, Chicago, Melbourne, Sydney, Johannesburg and Nicosia. Everywhere Greek emigrants welcomed him with an enthusiasm which was nearly reaching the limits of hysteria.

At the same time he released his sixth record with the title "Ola se sena ta vrika", which comprises 14 songs and became double platinum. His return to the "pista" followed, where he was loved so much.

In 2006, Yiannis Ploutarhos made a duet with Kostantina in the song "Ti mpike anamesa mas" that is featured in her album and he released his seventh album with the title "Krimena mistika" which comprises 16 songs and became double platinum. In 007 he realised a double Best Of album with the title "Stigmes" which comprises all is hits, 6 new songs and a bonus DVD with 19 video clips and became double platinum.

In his personal life, he is married to Maria and they have 4 children, Katerina, Giorgis, Eleonora and Panagiota. He likes painting whereas his fetishes are the white clothes. He himself considers his biggest mistake to be, that he did not learn the Greek language correctly.