Remos Antonis

Remos Antonis

Born: 19-06-1970
From: Germany, Dusseldorf


Antonis Remos was born in Düsseldorf , Germany . He stayed there until the age of 10 and since 1980 settled permanently in Greece . Since the age of 15 he had been living in Thessalonica where he finished high school. During his school years he was involved with music and he a was self-taught guitarist.

In Easter 95' he performs in Athens for the first time, while in Thessalonica had carved his own course, with Dimitris Mitropoanos, Stephanos Korkolis and Mrios tokas in “ Diogenis Palace ”. The same year he signs with Sony Music and is orientated with the assistance of the producer Stavros Arapidis to a new career and he has already become the talk of the town as the new great folk singer.

The beginning of his performances coincides with the anniversary of 10 years of presence in the industry, and the company believes that the timing is perfect to release a luxury box a “Best of”, a triple album that contains Antonis' Remos greatest hits. 36 songs were gathered and some of those were remixed by international top Djs and remixers. Along with a 20 pages booklet of Antonis pictures and information about his 10-year course.

In April 2007, Marinella and Antonis Remos start performances in Thessalonica.In June 2007 Antonis Remos starts touring Greece , in his first big tour.