Sambanis Giorgos

Sambanis Giorgos

Born: 1983
From: Greece, Athens


The twenty-four years old George Sabanis is a very well-known sprinter who has won 14 gold Greek medals and many other awards. In the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games was a Runner with the flame. He is into music since his childhood and has taken guitar lessons along with running.

Over the last 2 years he plays live with his band in several clubs in Athens.

In October 2007 he makes his first appearance as a composer, as he composed the great hit by Helena Paparizou, ‘’To fili tis zois’’, from the homonymous motion picture by Nikos Zapatinas.

After a little while he releases his first personal cd single titled ‘Kapou allou’ which contained the hit ‘S afino ston epomeno’.

In March 2008 George Sabanis presents his first completed album titled ‘Charamata’

The album contains the hit ‘S afino ston epomeno’, the wonderful ballad ‘Charamata’ that is a radio hit already, the awesome duet with Christos Dantis ‘Moirasia’ and the atmosphairic ‘Duo nisia’ from the soundtrack of the movie ‘To fili tis zois’.

At the same time he continues his live appearances with his band in rock clubs in Athens and in the country.