Slick Beats

Slick Beats

Founded in: 2011
From: Greece, Athens


"Slick Beats" is an art project consists of Gabriel Russel (singer, co-producer) and Issy (DJ, co-producer). Their (more than just) music relationship has began a year ago.

Gabriel Russel
Was born and raised in Athens. The creation of a dark-rock band was his first public expression of his music life. From 1997 to 2000, he performed live at many clubs in Greece such as “Gagarin 205” and the legendary “Rodon”. His passion for music brought him to the Netherlands where he studied pop-songwriting and spent 6 creative years. The last 2 years in the Netherlands, Gabriel was the founder of a metalcore band with which he performed live at most of the rock and metal festivals and venues of the country. His dedicated love to pop music, though, made him come back to form "Slick Beats”

Was born in Orestiada but he was raised in Frankfurt. His studies include modern piano and orchestration. So far, Issy has co-signed the music of Vegas' song, “Mad about you”, and many tracks, included in Shaya’s English album “Resurrection”. He found himself inspired while studying for school, and composed "In your Eyes", the first "Resurrection" single track . Currently, Issy is studying mechanical engineering at the University of Athens and he’s getting prepared for the major success, “Slick Beats” will eventually acclaim.