Tsaligopoulou Eleni

Tsaligopoulou Eleni

Born: 11-04-1963
From: Greece, Nausa


Eleni Tsaligopoulou was born in a beautiful town in Northern Greece called Naousa. Eleni and her brother started their musical careers when they were still children. Since then Eleni knew she had to become a singer.

First live appearance in 1985 in Thessaloniki while studying at the Greek Conservatory

1986: Yiorgos Zikas saw Eleni at a music club and proposed to her to sing his songs. The album was called "Sopa Ke Akouse" (Be Quiet And Listen) on which Yiorgos Dalaras also participated.

In the Winter of 1987 great Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis invites her to perform for Stamatis Spanoudakis. In the summer of 1987, she performs next to Yiorgos Dalaras in concerts all over Greece, Europe and America.

Winter of 1989, live appearances in METRO music club and live concerts next to Yiorgos Dalaras.

1990. Second album titled "Koritsi Ke Gineka" (Girl And Woman). Music and lyrics by Yiorgos Andreou.

1993. Third album titled "Miso Fegari" (Half Moon). Old songs arranged by Yiorgos Andreou.

1994: Fourth album titled "Kathreftes" (Mirrors). Music and lyrics by Kostas Kaldaras.

Winter 1994 -1995. She performs next to Dimitra Galani.

Winter and summer of 1996. Concerts all over Greece with Yiorgos Andreou.

December 1996 fifth album titled "Arzentina" (Argentina). Music and lyrics by Yiorgos Andreou.

June 1998. Sixth album titled "I Epohi Tou Onirou" (The Dream Era). Live recordings of her appearances next to Yiorgos Dalaras. 13 well-known songs composed by famous Greek composers.