Tsanaklidou Tania

Tsanaklidou Tania

Born: 09-04-1952
From: Greece, Drama


Tania Tsanaklidou was born in Drama. She grew up in Salonica and in the age of eight years old she participated in Mary Soidou’s Theatre for children.She studied Drama and Archeology in Salonica and also did some Dancing. She came to Athens in the age of 21 and played in a Ksenia Kalogeropoulou’s play for children “Mormolis” while at nights she was singing in a club with the greek composer Yannis Markopoulos. At 1978 her country ask her to represent Greece in the eurovision song contest where she got the 8th position. She played in a few theatrical and television productions, she co-operated with great artists and recorded a lot of magnificent songs with her magical voice.