Vertis Nikos

Vertis Nikos

Born: 21-08-1976
From: Netherlands, Gorinchem


Nikos Vertis (Νίκος Βέρτης in Greek) is a famous Greek singer.

He was born in August 21st 1976 in Holland and lived there until he was 6 years old.Then he came to Greece,lived here 10 years and went back to Holland.2 years latter he came to Greece to serve the Greek army.There,he met a musician that convinced him to stay in Greece and become a professional singer.And so he did.He started singing in several night clubs (we call them bouzoukia) in Thessaloniki and then he came to Athens.Now he has released 3 CDs and a CD single and he sings in one of the biggest “bouzoukia” in Athens,the ‘Posidonio music hall’.He has a big number of fans,mostly females,being a most wanted bachelor.In his free time he likes to paint,play music or watch a DVD movie and relax with his friends.His first performance as a singer in front of an audience was at age 15.