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CD Single Release

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14 December 10, 13:42
CD Single Release
Hey friends! Great news for everyone!! In 18 Dec 2010 I'm releasing my first cd single!! The following is a review of this album! Enjoy it!! :)   soundcloud.com/dj-alimba/sets/18-12-2010-dj-alimba-ep-album-release/   Thank's for your support and listening! Cheers!!! :)

New Album 18/12/2010

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17 November 10, 09:24
Hey friends!!!   Good news for everyone!!   My new album it will be released under Divaani records at 18/12/2010. It is an EP Album and it has Ambient - Experimental music genre with several remixes...   For those who love that kind of music and for those who want to learn it...just follow the link below...   en.equaldreams.com/divrecs   Also for the fans of this music, I'm telling you that you can buy music from this site...   Thanks for the support!!!   Cheers!!!...