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Mitropanos' health

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13 July 10, 11:14

Hello, i am making an inquiry into mr. mitropanos' health. it is my understanding that the remaining dates of his north american tour were cancelled due to health issues. i am hopefull that he has made a full recovery. i am totally new to blogging and therefore offer my apologies because of  my shortcomings. also, it is much simpler for me to communicate in english. thank you and i look forward to your response, s

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30 December 10
13 July 10, 23:27
hey! your blog was great, i think needs more of those. and of course no worries about the english! i mean most of us speak english I'm guessing!

now regarding your question as I understand mr. mitropanos has been released from the hospital, reports say he was released the day after the incident in new york. There are no latest developments but I'm guessing no news is good news, so he must have made a full recovery.

hope i answered your question!