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Σχηματίστηκε: 09-1992
Ιστοσελίδα: facebook.com/Wolfcryband
Από: Ελλάδα, Αθήνα


 The Hellenic Heavy-Power Metal band of WOLFCRY was formed in September 1992 by Andreas "The Wizard" immediately after the split-up of the band VANGUARD.

In November 1992 the band entered the "Molon Lave" studio to record the track "Angelsign" for a local compilation which unfortunately was never released. Due to several personal problems and line up changes the band went through a non-creative period of almost 4 years!

In August 1996, Andreas "The Wizard" decided to renew and reform the band to record the debut demo called "The Ivory Tower". Their participation in the compilation CD of the major metal magazine "Metal Invader" increased the popularity of the band resulting in their participation in the Metal compilation CD "Pantora's Metal Box" with two tracks from their debut demo in 1998.

One year later they entered the studio to record the "Promo 1999" CD with two tracks of their freshly composed material.

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1. Metamorphosis (5:33)
2. The Pledge (7:32)
3. Fatal Conflict (4:04)
4. On The Edge (5:02)
5. Semper Casta (5:35)
6. The Mirror Mask (4:14)
7. Honored Expedition (5:32)
8. Hesitant Gathering (5:13)
9. ...Here We Are (4:19)
10. 6 Must Die (3:16)

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