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Zac f began his mixing career at late 80’s moving through disco and funk to, house and hip-hop in famous clubs in Athens and Santorini.Till now with tech and minimal house style.At the same time being a musician, soon drove him to music production and remixing.2005 started his collaboration with “PLANETWORKS” making tracks for a lot of best sellers compilation such as “ LA SUITE” ,”SUNSET & SUNRISE”,”REMIX”,” ENIGMA WET”,"SEDUCTION" etc.2007 starts his collaboration with “THE SOUND OF EVERYTHING” and makes his debut album “A NIGHT AT THE PORT”: a minimal - electronic flavor.He makes tracks for “GALAXY MUSIC HILTON”& remixes for:" CLAUDE CHALLE ", “A DOG NAMED RODRIGUEZ”, “18 SUMMERS LATER“, ”DREAMERS INC”,"KETJAK"

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1. Missing (4:19)
2. Lovers Come (6:06)
3. Girls Blog (4:53)
4. Missing (DJ Mcd Remix) (4:12)
5. Seize The Night (8:36)
6. Missing (Original Mix) (4:24)
7. Missing (Best Seller R... (7:55)
8. Missing (Shooting Star... (4:52)
9. Missing (Sunset Derek ... (6:13)
10. Missing (Speerit Remix) (6:52)

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