The street I live (Live)

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Μέλος από: 2 Ιανουαρίου 2009
Καταχώρηση: 24 Ιουλίου 2012
Καλλιτέχνης: Αλέξια
Τραγούδι: The street I live (Live)
Περιγραφή :
Μουσική, στίχοι, παραγωγή: Αλέξια Βασιλείου.
The street I live
Lies on edges steep and jagged
Where skies are always out of reach
The trees are green
So they say, but what do they know
It's oh so dark can hardly see.

I don't belong and why is everybody so kind
I don't need them I'm alright
They treat me nice
I wish they'd all just left me to be
Or not to be
It's my life.

No matter what I decide
I don't have to explain
No one can ever understand, anyway
I struggled failed forever
How will I ever succeed?
My tired body's aching needs.

Somehow reality and myth have
Slowly become one
Interchangeable lines
The past becomes my ever ever-tiring present
I see no future near

The outside body dressed in most expensive clothing
Where inner body fades in rags
It all depends on what you see as everlasting
Sometimes the treasures lie within.

We spend the most of our lives
Wanting all the wrong things
As if we're sworn self enemies
open your eyes
Your spirit needs
To find its way out
To find its time back in your life.

The street you lived, lied on edges
Steep and jagged
'till you discovered what was real
Now skies are blue
and trees are green and
They're all there for you
The light of sun now you can see.

And you belong and everybody's
Oh so, so kind
And you need them
It's alright
Your mind and body is aching no more
All is simpler
And I've come to know me
I've come to know me ...
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