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Event at Mylos Club

Pantelis Thalassinos in Mylos Club
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Pantelis Thalassinos in Mylos Club

Kazandb presents Pantelis Thalassinos in the music production "Kontra ston kairo (Against the times)".


The popular songwriter returns to Thessaloniki and to the stage of Mylos Club, for three special performances on 7, 8 and 9 of January.


"Kontra ston kairo (Against the times)" and the crisis with new, unreleased songs from his upcoming album, with lyrics by Pantelis and Eleni Sioufta, Elias Katsoulis, Evaggelia Narli, Polys Kyriakou, Chrysanthi Toufexi and one music-poem by Costas Uranis.

Apart from new songs, we will have the opportunity listen to him performing songs of his loving friends (Yannis Nikolaou, Vangelis Yanakis, Kostas Fasoulas. Tasos Zafeiriou, Stamatis Hatzistefanou and others) and in the second part of the programme some of his best hits that we still enjoy and sing along!

Alongside with Pantelis Thalassinos, a new talented songwriter, Martha Mauroeidi (vocals and strings) with songs from her first personal album "O Kipos tis Rila".

Also the talented musicians:
Yannis Aggelopoulos (drums)

Giorgso Ventouris (contrabass)
Dimitris Giasa (Violin)
Giorgos Theodoropoulos (keys)
Fillipos Lefkaditis (percussion)
Giorgos Makris (bagpipe, fervidly, kaval)
Dimitris Pantos (guitar, vox)

Sound by: Giorgos Kariotis -Eftyxis Giannakouras
Lighting: Diamantis Mylonas

Address: Thessaloniki, Andreou Georgiou 56, Thessaloniki
Tel. number: 2310510081
Price(s): 15€
Mylos Club
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