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Event at Koo Koo Live Music Bar

Panos Gourgiotis and Joanna Drigo at Koo Koo
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Panos Gourgiotis and Joanna Drigo at Koo Koo

"Urban, claustrophobic rock. That`s what you do"- somebody told him once. A few years later this artist is doing exactly the same thing.
Panos Gourgiotis, the modern poet-songwriter of a new generation, presents a special performance alongside with a group of excellent musicians and also his good friends.
Panos will perform songs from his first album "Mia anasa akoma", recently released by Lyra and many versions of famous songs from the era of Xilina Spathia to Jeff Buckley and from the Arctic Monkeys to Manos Hatzidakis.

The amazing Joana Drigo will be a special guest of this show.

Address: Athens, Iakhou 17, Gkazi
Tel. number: 2103450930
Price(s): 12€ with drink
Koo Koo Live Music Bar
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