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Fivos Delivorias - 'BIG BAND' at 'Metro'
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Fivos Delivorias - 'BIG BAND' at 'Metro'

Foivos Delivorias decided to live simply together with his band this year. Thus, from February 19 and only for a few performances at "Metro" stage he presents a program entitled «BIG BAND" ... with 30 musical instruments on stage!

This‘simple' band is formed by the following two: Stamatis Stamatakis on bass and George Katsanos, in many and various, strange musical instruments, that not many people learn usually. With all the instruments he plays in the show he is making something like "music kiosk" that barely leaves little space for the guitar and the piano of Foivos.

The three, together with Rena Morfi who sings, "play" with the material that Foivos himself has composed, while performing on their own approach songs of Cohen and Brassens and Kazantzidis and Lena Platonos.
The reason for this music events is the first presentation of the new songs of Delivorias, that have not been recorded yet but the artist intends to include them in his next album.


Address: Athens, Metro, Gkizi & Kalvou 83
Tel. number: 210 – 6461980
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